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Based in Gurgaon, Haryana, MyBaby247 Photography (a unit of HumGenie Private Limited) is a group of technology-driven professional photographers, who understand your creative and emotional appetite and work towards satisfying these needs to make you feel content and complete. Beauty is all around us and a camera is a tool for us to explore this beauty. We feel fortunate to be able to use our artistic creativity to help the clients capture their memorable moments of life.



We are very proud to produce top quality, visually stunning work at a fair price.


A fresh alternative to traditional photography and Video shoots just for you.


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We offer Maternity, Newborn, Children and Family Photography at affordable prices. It does not mean that we are cheap. We are very proud of producing top quality visually stunning work at a fair price.


We are a company you can trust! Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee provides you with the reassurance that we are going to do everything in our power to make sure you have the best client experience with us


With our thoughtful team approach, each individual team member is in place to excel in their role – giving you the best customer service, the best coverage quality and the best portrait/albums designed to your specifications.



Preserve Your Pregnancy Memories In The Form Of Maternity Photography!

It is a precious moment in the life of every couple to become parents, and it is more valuable for a woman to become a mother. There is no match for the relationship between a mother and her child. Every mother wants to keep the memories in the heart which are related to her beloved child. The best and easiest way to keep the memories alive is maternity photography. Maternity photography is different from other photography like Infants photography or Toddlers photography because it is related to the emotions, expressions, and body development during the period of pregnancy.

Maternity photography is more important because it shows the sentiments of a mother for her child and also describes the care and affection. Couples prefer to hire a photographer to capture the images before and after the pregnancy (babies’ photography) to make that precious moment remarkable forever. When their children see the photographs in the adult age, then they will feel more emotionally attached to the parents.
Maternity photography is a beautiful and exciting opportunity for the parents to feel the time again and again which has passed away. If you do not take a maternity photography session during the pregnancy period, then you will not be able to keep your memories alive in your heart. Even if you do not care about the memories yourself, your children will see the photographs and feel delightful to see the clicks of their mother when they were growing inside.

Many pregnant ladies opt for maternity photography for fun and entertainment. They make hilarious and excited facial expressions according to their personality during the photography session. Some women take ideas and emotions from the internet and magazines to show them to their photographer for the photography session. However, an experienced and professional maternity photographer can also suggest some great poses and ideas make the work creative and more interesting.

Women can also take maternity photography session with their partners to make the moments more valuable. The expert photographer can suggest some natural but attractive poses during the photography and can arrange beautiful backgrounds. You can also ask the photographer to organize the outdoor maternity photography session at lovely and peaceful locations where you can go conveniently and safely.

Maternity photography is also fun for your other children as they can become the part of it (Kids photography) by hugging your belly and kissing the belly. In this way, they can also show their bonding with the upcoming baby. It will be remarkable and cherish the moment for the kids when they grow up and see the photos and get emotionally attached to each other.

It is important for you to hire a professional photographer for your photo session as the professional photographer can create art-work for your session and can add up attractive colors and other features to make it an excited and excellent one. You can save the images to a pen drive or ask the shooter to provide a CD copy so that you can refresh your memories whenever you want.